Tommy Jaks

UI/UX Designer based in Stockholm





In 2016, Christian Larson and Andreas Palm set out to revolutionize men’s underwear, creating a new generation of products built with intention and purpose. Today, CDLP is a design house of focused, luxury essentials within the categories of underwear, tops, swim, performance, and home. Developed with innovation in Sweden, the line is consciously constructed in Europe using future-orientated materials.

tommy jaks case img CDLP

Design Lead

My role in this project was leading the design for replattforming, going from woocommerce to shopify. With goals to increase all KPI, more layout flexibility and of course refreshing and updating the design.


Together with the website team at CDLP we created new components and blocks for a modular design. With the ultra flexibility in the components we had to think of all different scenarios with the design. An other challenge was the print world meeting the digital world. Where we had to push the limits of usability and best practices to create an elististic and high fashion feeling. But still with the KPI’s in mind.


Example of component flexibility. Besides this, we also added mobile image upload support and video support desktop/mobile.

tommy jaks case img CDLP

Product page with image hover states.

tommy jaks case img CDLP

Product page with black mode for subscription.

tommy jaks case img CDLP
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